Blogging Against LGBT Discrimination

Lately I’ve been working for Freedom for All Americans, doing a lot of blogging for state-based campaigns against anti-LGBT legislation, as well as campaigns that simply raise awareness of LGBT issues. I’ve written about sports organizations and businesses speaking out against SB 757 in Georgia, and I broke down the statistics on just how widespread support is for…

Celebrating History Makers with WomenCount

A series of graphics created to help WomenCount celebrate Black History Month. WomenCount is a California-based nonprofit that helps progressive Democratic women candidates crowdfund their campaigns. You can see more of my social media graphics on WomenCount’s Instagram. You can also check out the email we sent along with this campaign and this blog post I…

Year-End Giving at UUSC

Last year UUSC’s holiday giving campaign focused on Central American Refugees. These are two web graphics I created for the campaign. You can find the live posts on Facebook. Click on the link see a sample of my writing for the web on this immigration issue. 

A New Web Design for the WEFM

I love supporting local food. I shop regularly at the nearby West End Farmers’ Market, and also decided to lend my talents by redesigning their website. Now it’s a little prettier and a little more functional. New Banner:  New Front Page: 

Seattle: The Emerald City

My boyfriend, who is from Seattle, served as my inspiration for this experiment. Now he can have a little piece of home, all the way in Connecticut. For reference, in real life this is an 18″ x 24″ poster.

Happy Holidays!

A quick little design that I’ll be using as my Facebook cover photo this month.

Winning the Bid

The client was looking to put a little polish on an RFP response for a subcontract of government information technology services. When I was working on my MPA I got a first-hand look at government contracting processes, so I was able to help.

Adobe Illustrator in Space!

I haven’t messed around in Illustrator in a while, so this weekend I decided to start messin’ and make sure I haven’t forgotten how to use the darn thing. I haven’t!

Greetings from Boston

Another postcard, made with pictures I took when I went to Boston for spring break in 2010. I’m planning a return trip tomorrow, and while I’m not sure the weather will be much better than it was the last time I was there (two words: torrential rain), I’m not going alone this time so at…