Seattle: The Emerald City

My boyfriend, who is from Seattle, served as my inspiration for this experiment. Now he can have a little piece of home, all the way in Connecticut. For reference, in real life this is an 18″ x 24″ poster.

Happy Holidays!

A quick little design that I’ll be using as my Facebook cover photo this month.

Adobe Illustrator in Space!

I haven’t messed around in Illustrator in a while, so this weekend I decided to start messin’ and make sure I haven’t forgotten how to use the darn thing. I haven’t!

Greetings from Boston

Another postcard, made with pictures I took when I went to Boston for spring break in 2010. I’m planning a return trip tomorrow, and while I’m not sure the weather will be much better than it was the last time I was there (two words: torrential rain), I’m not going alone this time so at…

Fun with Decorative Themes

Some decorative themes I’m thinking of using in future projects, complete with cutesy naming conventions. I really, really love the grime vector packs in Illustrator. Perhaps too much.

Greetings from Indiana

  I have a really hard time dealing with idleness. That’s why I spent most of my holiday vacation beefing up my design skills. The result? Postcards featuring scenes from my home state! Feeling inclined to support my work? You can have a printer-ready PDF of four postcards for $2.

Happy holidays!

  This year I decided to send out some holiday cards. These were designed for digital distribution, but could easily be modified as print cards.